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Ridhi Kapoor

-By Utkarsha Agwan.

As a part of the ongoing interview series, the Electrical Engineering Society presents you an interview of Ridhi Kapoor, a 2015 EE graduate. She is currently working with Deutsche Bank, and won the Director's Gold Medal this year. Apart from being a 9-pointer and a DepC, she was actively involved in the Music Club while at IITD, and was the Diro of the Eastern Group Song Team in Rendezvous, which won the first prize. Read on to know what she says about following your passions in this inspiring interview.

Image Of Ridhi Kapoor

1. What were the highlights of your stay in IIT?

I knew I wanted to come to IIT Delhi. But then, I couldn't get the Department of my choice. With the kind of person I am, I decided to take a risk. I would choose campus over branch, and then try for a DepC. Everyone warned me, it's easier said than done. And so, it was nothing less than a dream come true for me, when I was offered a department change from Chemical to Electrical! In the remaining 3 years, I was fortunate enough to have very close friends from both the departments :) Specifics: CG 9.5, interned at New York University in my second year and Deutsche Bank in my third year, got a PPO from DB which I accepted! Was a music rep, and then Diro of the Eastern Group Song team in 4th year(the year we won EGS).

What were your most memorable moments at IIT? Could you describe any moments when you felt low at IIT and what you did to get back to normal?

The most memorable moment was when the judge announced IIT Delhi as the winners in Eastern Group Song, Rendezvous. I was the Diro that year, and as my team hugged and lifted me, I had tears flowing down my cheeks. I couldn't have been happier.

3. How has your life changed after graduating from IIT and how do you feel about this change? Has the time spent in IIT helping you today? If yes,how?

I would say that the transformation from college life to work life is probably one of the biggest in my life till now. I would not say that I am very happy with this change though :P As much as I enjoy my work, I don't think anything can take the place of those 4 years in Delhi. The time spent in IIT has allowed me to build some very good relations with people, which is something I will value more than anything. Apart from that, I think college life teaches you a lot - in terms of time management, personal skills, and grooms you into a well balanced individual.

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4. What activities were you involved in and how have they helped you?

I was a part of the music club, and I think a large portion of my college life was devoted to music - singing, playing the guitar and drums. More than anything else, we have an awesome bunch of friends who can get together and jam whenever few of us are in the same city.

5. What are you working/ researching on? What fascinates and excites you most about the sector you are currently working/researching in?

I’m in the finance industry, and the very fact that the industry is changing each day, growing and presenting new challenges to me keeps me excited enough to be a part of it!

6. Have you found what you love (your passion)? Many people face a dilemma over “what is that they would love to do in life”. Anything on this issue?

My passion is music. I love to sing, and would not mind doing it, at any time of the day, any month if the year. The dilemma I face is that as much as I love music, I cannot see myself in this profession. I love to pursue it as my hobby, but sometimes, when after seeing me rehearsing, others tell me that I should go into music as a line, I am forced to rethink my choices,and what I want in life. All I know now is that there is nothing more important in life than happiness. So whatever you do, just make sure it makes you happy. Else, it's probably not worth it.

7. Your advice for the students reading this?

I would just like to tell them to spend the four years at IIT judiciously. They won’t return once gone. Use your time well, find some good friends. True friendships last forever. Try out placement cell and other clubs. This not only instilled in me, a spirit of teamwork but also taught me how to tackle real life problems effectively. Life at IIT seems to be a race, exams, internships, placements. There is a lot of competition. Try and do your best. Understand that failures aren’t there to stop you, there are there for your improvement so that the next time you face that problem you can successfully counter it. And that is the most important lesson.