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Kartik Sachdev

-By Priyanshi Mishra.

As a part of the ongoing interview series, the Electrical Engineering Society presents you an interview of Kartik Sachdev. He did his foreign internship in Italy. He was the TnP overall coordinator and did internship with ITC and got a pre-placement offer there only. He believes IIT has helped him grow as a person and realize the importance of little things you have in life. Here he shares his ideas about learning in IIT, his own journey of 4 years in IIT Delhi in this interview.

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1. Give the highlights of your life in IIT.

I always used to be in a hurry as a student, with worries about this and that all the time. But when I look back I was a typical maggu in first year. Then slowly-slowly I started interacting with people and getting involved with groups. I was extremely disappointment when I wasn’t made a representative. But then in 3 rd semester I worked a lot in various clubs and enjoyed it a lot. After that I joined TnP as a volunteer. That’s when I realized that I wanted to lead and organize.

2. You must have had a lot of moments during your IIT life worth remembering. Can you share the happiest and saddest with us?

My happiest moment in IIT was definitely my birthday in third year. All my friends and TnP fols gathered at windt. They made a really brilliant collage. It is still the wallpaper of my laptop. Everyone holding one alphabet each. Just lovely.
There are many sad moments but the one that I can’t forget is getting 3 out of 25 in prof. Patney’s course in 3 rd sem. Nothing clicked during the entire exam. I was so disappointed.

3. Any regrets you have from your IIT life?

No. No regrets at all. I think I tried everything I wanted to while I was there.

4. How do you think your life has changed after graduating from IIT and what do you feel about this change? Does the time spent in IIT by you help you today?

I certainly miss being a student. Once you graduate, a lot of things change in your lifestyle. You realize the importance of little things, like now you have to behave in a certain manner in groups and pay for your own wi-fi.
Time spent in IIT nurtures you as a person. You enter that place as smart boys and girls but with no experience of life. But when you leave it, you have grown into wise men and women who understand what it takes to make a mark in the world. I believe IIT adequately prepares you for the life ahead and the challenges you are going to face. The most important thing you learn in IIT is time management. Managing your responsibilities well is what helps you everywhere.

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5. What are you currently working at in ITC? What excites you about it and keeps you going?

I am currently working as an AUT in the Foods Division of ITC limited. What excites me is solving real life problems being faced in the factory operations. ITC gives you a lot of responsibilities and independence at a very early stage of career. Unlike other firms where you are a small part of a big project here you are leading your very own project which has a huge impact on business. Its very challenging and we get to learn loads.

6. People are always trying to find something they are passionate about. Have you found your passion in life? Something you can do day and night and still love?

My passion? I can’t say I have found it yet. See you find your passion by trying multiple things. Some things you won’t like, some you will. It is the process of cancelling and adding things in life. I think I am still cancelling and adding things. So I haven’t reached that one thing that flows in my blood you know.

7. Your advice for the students reading this?

I would just like to tell them to spend the four years at IIT judiciously. They won’t return once gone. Use your time well, find some good friends. True friendships last forever. Try out placement cell and other clubs. This not only instilled in me, a spirit of teamwork but also taught me how to tackle real life problems effectively. Life at IIT seems to be a race, exams, internships, placements. There is a lot of competition. Try and do your best. Understand that failures aren’t there to stop you, there are there for your improvement so that the next time you face that problem you can successfully counter it. And that is the most important lesson.