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IIT Delhi

Freshers' Welcome

It’s said that the best thing about memories is making them. The fresher’s night, 2014 proved to be memorable indeed for the freshers and seniors alike, with a perfect concoction of charisma, enthusiasm, fun and excitement. The fun night began with the seniors passing on their ‘gyaan’ to their freshers and then a quiz on IIT Delhi, with questions ranging from the “Facts every student needs to know” to the rarely known amazing facts. The freshers then got an incredible opportunity to interact with their batchmates, when everyone was asked to make groups and prepare hilarious skits. With the whole world turning gay, co-ed hostels, hilarious marriages,everyone was left holding their stomachs laughing!
The talent round witnessed some marvellous performances, with freshers showcasing their spectacular skills in dancing, singing, music, mimicry. They broke the image of the “quintessential nerd” that enters iit, and flawlessly demonstrated their skills, leaving everyone dazzled. After a questionnaire, a fun q&a session with seniors, talent rounds, freshers were shortlisted for the Miss and Mr. Fresher. With the final round being the dance face-off Nishant Priyadarshi and Sankalpana Agrawal were crowned Mr and Miss Fresher respectively. The night ended with everyone savouring the tasty food and indelible memories of the wonderful time!
After all, No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced!
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