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IIT Delhi

Freshers' Night 2015

-By Vipasha Mittal.

“We didn’t realise we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun”.
Such was the enthusiasm, excitement, charisma and fun quotient that it truly became a memorable night for the freshers. The event began with a fun filled quiz on IIT Delhi, with questions ranging from the lingo words every fresher ought to know , to facts that left even some seniors amazed. To increase the interaction further, the freshers were divided in groups and given a topic to present a skit. It was a land of co-ed hostels, humans turning to food items, negative marks given for correct answers , whole world turning gay and many more such fascinating plays. Result? An absolutely amazing laugh riot!
Further, the concoction of pole dances with no poles, proposals (and well, blushing freshers and seniors), catwalks, the talent round showcasing the amazing abilities of freshers, ranging from music to dance, and not to forget, the delicious food made it truly wonderful. After a questionnaire, a fun q&a session with seniors, talent rounds, freshers were shortlisted for the Miss and Mr. Fresher. With the final round being the dance face-off Aishwary Srivastava and Sakshi Jain were crowned Mr and Miss Fresher respectively. Like all good things come to an end, the night ended with everyone dancing with their hearts, savouring the tasty food and beautiful memories!
After all, things end, but memories last forever!
Mr Fresher : Aishwary Srivastava
Miss Fresher : Sakshi Jain
Special Mention : Divyansh Gupta
The enthusiasm and entertainment level for the night was off the charts. We had great fun hosting the event.Hope you also had an amazing time.Here are some photos from the event :
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