Electrical Engineering Society


IIT Delhi

Fifa Lan Gaming

Electrical Engineering Society collaborated with ACES-ACM to hold FIFA gaming event on 13th January, 2016 in Bharti-501. The event required participation of teams of two students either from electrical or computer science department. The game was to be played on pcs using controllers and the version being played was FIFA 15. A huge turnover of students was seen on the game day. All the participating teams were divided into two pools , each team of a pool had to play with every other member of the pool and then the winner of the two pools would compete with each other for the winner's position . The game kicked off and the teams started battling in order to score. Quick agile finger movements and a huge amount of adrenaline rush during the back-to-back matches made the whole evening exciting. There were some very neck and neck matches while some saw a very obvious winner. Teams won, teams lost , some made an appreciable comeback after losing a couple of matches . At the end of exciting set of matches the results were obtained, Bhavit Arora and Kushagra Madan were 2nd runner up winning a cash prize of thousand rupees, Sachin Rinder and Ashutosh Kumar were 1st runner up winning a cash prize of fifteen hundred rupees, and the winners of this FIFA gaming event were Abhinav Yadav and Akshit Goyal grabbed a cash prize of twenty five hundred rupees, a team which was unbeaten during the whole tournament. All the matches held were fair and under the supervision of conducting team members of EES and ACES. Hence the event went flawless and ended on a high note. Playing FIFA and winning money for it, what can be a better way to spend a night.
You can view all images of Fifa LAN Gaming here.