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Aayush Goel, a 2015 EE graduate, is currently studying management at IIM Calcutta. Apart from being a 9-pointer and a DepC, he was actively involved in the Music Club while at IITD, and participated as a part of the Eastern Group Song Team in Rendezvous. Read on to know his advice for current EE students in this inspiring interview:

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1. What were the highlights of your stay in IIT?

CG - 9.129, EE2 department
Interns in General Electric and Larsen & Toubro (both core interns)
Got placed in The Parthenon-EY Consulting Group, but decided to do complete my education and went for an MBA in IIM-C instead.

2.What were your most memorable moments in IITD?

Getting Second Runners Up in Eastern Group Song and Fusion Song competitions in Rendezvous in second year, getting selected for exchange to France and the four months of exchange that followed.

3. What were some moments when you felt low, and how did you cope with that?

In second year, having had a department change, I put a lot of pressure on myself to maintain the high CG I got in the first year, in a department which I was finding quite difficult to adjust in academically as well as while managing my music representative responsibilities and devoting time to Rendezvous. As the semester proceeded, the pressure increased and it definitely started affecting my attitude towards people.
I believe that the best thing which I did was open up to my friends and family regarding the same. They provided quite a bit of help by boosting my self esteem and confidence and ensuring that I was not focused on the results, rather the process.

4. Do you have any regrets from your time in IITD?

I've always thought that any work which I did at IITD was curriculum bound and I did not make any special efforts to seek out professors or other people in my network who could provide me opportunities to work on non-credited projects to learn how to directly apply the technical knowledge learned in the lecture halls.

5. . How has your life changed after graduating from IIT and how do you feel about this change?Has the time spent in IIT helping you today? If yes,how?

Answer: A common response you'll hear from almost every alumni of IITD, but I'll say it as well - IITD has been the best thing that could have ever happened. IITD is a great personality transformer which comes from its abundance of extra-curricular avenues, positions of responsibilities etc.
I also think that the IITD curriculum expands our thinking process and mental facilities to a great extent. The sheer rigour, while is stressful, helps in developing the process of finding the quickest way to solve a problem effectively, at some point of time it becomes almost automatic. And of course, once you pass out, you're enthused with a strange sense of confidence that whatever happens, you'll do good in life.
Personally, it has helped me a lot in tackling the tough life of an MBA aspirant in IIMC. There are daily deadlines, subjects which could be as different from each other as possible, but IITD has made it possible to take care of them all efficiently.

6. What words of advice would you give to your juniors- some things that they should do or not do ?

Stems absolutely from my own regrets, I would advice my juniors to expand their network and look for opportunities to actually apply the knowledge learnt. If you don't want to take on more projects, you could work in tech/marketing in one of the many startups which float their requirements for smart people on IITD notices. Have as many diverse experiences as possible, explore as much as you can!

7. What activities were you involved in and how have they helped you?

I was involved in the Music Club to a great extent, I used to take part in the Group Song competitions of Rendezvous as well as the inter-hostel competitions.
Music Club has been a wonderful experience - providing me with a wide circle of new friends who are all talented in their own ways, giving me an opportunity to learn from all the participants of the club as well providing avenues to relax after lectures!

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8.What are you working/ researching on? What fascinates and excites you most about the sector you are currently working/researching in?

I’m currently pursuing an MBA in IIM-C. What fascinates me about the MBA program is how well it complements the technical curriculum taught at IIT-D. IIT-D gives you an in-depth understanding of technicals - you realise how 'things' work, an MBA provides you an understanding of how 'people' work. Put them both together, and you have a person who has complete knowledge about what's the inside thing that makes his company/product tick and also knows how to deal with his people.

9. Have you found what you love (your passion)? Many people face a dilemma over “what is that they would love to do in life”. Anything on this issue?

Unfortunately I have not yet found my true passion, but I do not feel that is that big a problem. If you've find your passion then it's great, stick with it and go big, but if you've not, you have an opportunity to throw yourself into as many diverse experiences which are sure to help you later in your life. And the more you get into these experiences, the more likely it is that you'll finally find your passion.