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IIT Delhi

Analog Circuits

Audio, video, images : just a few examples of data that is transferred via analog signals each moment of the day.
Come learn how to manipulate these signals that are in transmission all around you in the two day Lecture Series on Analog Circuit Design & Simulation by the Electrical Engineering Society, on 22-23 September in Block II LT 1
Please ensure you have LTSpice installed in your laptops before coming for the session!
Download Link: http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/#LTspice
The lecture series will be followed by an online competition on Analog Circuit Design with the cash prize of 7000 INR to be won!

The EES held a two day lecture series on Analog Design and Simulation from 22-23 September 2015. It helped students gain an insight into the exciting field of circuit design and simulation, which has been witnessing a lot of research.
The participants were introduced to introductory design techniques while also learning about modelling circuits using LT Spice. The workshop was conceptualised and conducted by our co-founder Rahul Trivedi, who introduced many new techniques and developments in the field of circuit design.
This was also followed by a competition aptly named 'Analogic', where the participants applied the techniques that they learnt while also getting to win exciting cash prizes worth Rs 7000.