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Waste Disposal System


Segregating recyclable plastic waste from other forms of waste material is an important step towards a sustainable wasted disposal system. Currently employed mechanisms across IIT Delhi’s campus rely on the user’s discretion in disposing plastic waste (predominantly in the form of plastic bottles) in the correct bin. So as to expedite this process, we at EES are planning to build a prototype ‘Reverse Vending Machine‘ – the envisaged plan is to have a system which takes a plastic bottle and returns a small amount of cash or an equivalent coupon.

We have openings for 4-5 freshman students to work on this project and invite applications for the same. The full cost of the project would be borne by the EES, and you can potentially earn one design credit for this project in addition to the practical knowledge and experience that you gain. This a great opportunity to mould your creativity and theoretical knowledge into a working product. Interested students should attempt to solve the design problem posted below. The rules and submission instructions are contained in the same document and the deadline for submission is Midnight, 10th December.

Selected students are not expected to be in IIT during the winters.

Design Problem